Setting Up Your Crypto Wallet (MetaMask)

Set up a place where you can securely store your crypto assets

To purchase a BookCoin Collectible, you must FIRST have a wallet to transfer it too! This wallet hosts the cryptographic token that gives you 100% verified ownership of the collectible. If you haven’t set-up a Ethereum-based wallet before, we can help you do that now, pre-purchase. This wallet is a unique, but key part of interacting in any blockchain environment, not just BookCoin. We are going to walk you through setting-up a Meta-Mask wallet, the preferred Ethereum wallet to use on the BookCoin platform and is the best balance of flexibility, ease of set-up and simplicity.

(Watch this short tutorial video or see steps below)

Step One: Install the MetaMask Extension on Your Browser.

You will need to use Chrome, Firefox or Brave browser.

Step Two: Create Your MetaMask Account.

Press "Create Wallet" and set a username and password.

NOTE: Be sure to remember your password, as you'll need it to log-in to BookCoin.


Step Three: Record & Confirm Your Seed Phrase.

VERY IMPORTANT. Be sure to write your seed phrase down and store somewhere. If you lose access to your MetaMask account, you'll need this to sign-back in.


Step Four: Copy Wallet Address & Insert into BookCoin Billing Information.

Still not getting it? Not to worry! Just email our support team at✌️