How To Get On A Whitelist

How to get your wallet whitelisted to purchase an NFT on

In order to have priority for minting an NFT for any of our upcoming collections, you need to join that project’s Whitelist. Each Whitelist will have a specific set of steps you need to take in order to be eligible for minting priority. Here is a walkthrough video on how to sign up for a BookCoin Whitelist. (Other FAQs below)

How do I set-up a MetaMask Wallet?

You will always need a MetaMask Ethereum Wallet to purchase on If you do not have one, we have provided a step-by-step guide to setting one up here.

Where do I find my MetaMask ETH wallet address to input into whitelist?

Open MetaMask plugin after installed, make sure you’re on “Ethereum Mainnet” and click the wallet address to copy/paste.

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Why do we whitelist?

Whitelists are necessary in the NFT space because of bots & gaming. We want as many engaged holders as possible, so each wallet & IP address is allocated a particular number of tokens they can mint to avoid one person or a bot siphoning a majority of the collection.

Why do we tier the timing of the whitelist?

We specify a window of time for each group of the whitelist to mint to avoid making our collectors pay high gas prices — often referred to as a gas war.

Where do I whitelist & mint?

White page here: Mint page here: This will be announced to all on the whitelist as soon as it’s available.

How do I know I’m on the whitelist?

If you see the various ways to advance on the whitelist within the widget on the whitelist page you’re in. You should also have received a confirmation email. (Check Spam)

How do I see where I rank?

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What if it says “No Rank” when I try to see where I rank?

Two reasons for this:

1) You’ve been blocked by SPAM filters. Reach out to us via the #Support channel on Discord. 2) Cache issue. Simply clear your cache and cookies, go back to whitelist page and resign in with email & wallet address. You will not lose your history or points.

Still having trouble?

Email us here.