How to Read-to-Earn “Mr. Hyde”

Main Steps…

  1. Once on Homepage, navigate to “Library” (Top Right) to access all rewards.
  1. Click “Rewards.”
  1. Navigate to the “Read-2-Earn” Reward & click the link provided.
  1. Once on the “Earn Mr. Hyde” page, scroll down to the claim section.
  1. Input your email & confirm using the code that “Viral Sweep” emails you immediately to verify.
  1. Input the 21 Word Seed Phrase. (You’ll piece this together one at a time from the questions embedded in the book you’ve just read)
  1. If correct, it will give you a green message acknowledging success.
  1. Click the “Claim Code” on step two and copy the code once it appears.
  1. Scroll down to “Claim Your NFT” section and follow the steps to mint your premium NFT!

For a step-by-step tutorial, watch here: