How we Handle Gas Fees

A traditional NFT mint MetaMask displays two separate charges to the minter: 1) the NFT cost and 2) the gas cost (cost to mint the NFT to the Ethereum Blockchain).

We use a transfer process whereby we combine the NFT cost and the current gas cost (dynamically based on Etherscan gas cost API) and then a nominal transfer gas fee is added on.

NOTE: When your MetaMask wallet pops up, you’ll see the nominal gas fee for the transfer first, then the combined price for the NFT & the current gas to mint the NFT.

Notion image

Why we do it this way?

Our marketplace, and therefore minting app, is built to be omni-chain (opening the opportunity for authors to mint on the Blockchain of their choice while not requiring users to pay with exotic, L2 currencies) and therefore we must separate how users pay from Blockchain interactions.

Why this is actually better for a user?

1) We eliminate the friction for users to pay with the native currency of the Blockchain an author mints on. 

2) This approach allows us to truly randomize the mint process, while protecting against bot activity minting directly from the smart contract.

3) When you pay, we have a record of the NFT you bought. In the event that there are Blockchain-related failures, we will manually transfer it to you. *If in the rare case that your transaction went through and you don’t receive your NFT (wait for a period of time), please contact us at If the transaction did, in fact, go through an NFT is reserved for you and we will manually send it.