Founder Cards: What has changed & why.

Mint 1 of 1,111 unique cards to become a founder of the MetaLibrary.

If you joined the MetaLibrary Founder Cards whitelist early on, we want to make a few recent changes to the project explicitly clear pre-mint. Below are the details on the changes and why they’ve been made.

1) 3333 → 1111.

In the end, the Founder Card Collection will be 3,333 NFTs. However, considering the current market and our change in approach with the collection utility (below), we’ve decided to focus on the quality of members over quantity for the time being and do the first tranche of 1,111 cards. As our community and category grow, we will drop two more tranches of Founder Cards to complete the collection at 3,333.

2) BKCN Classic Airdrop Updates.

As you may have noticed, we’ve removed the BKCN Classics from the utility of this project.

We had planned on producing all of these future collections in-house and having freedom in how we distribute them. However, we have chosen to strategically partner with popular NFT artists on these to increase their demand — and unfortunately, do not have as much control.

This does not mean you won’t be the recipient of periodic airdrops that include tokens from our classic collections. This simply means that with a change in our approach, we can’t promise it for all.

3) $BKCN Token Allocations & Disclaimers.

Fungible tokens connected to NFT projects are a hot topic right now for many reasons. $APE just broke the internet on one hand. And yet, the SEC has announced their focus on cracking down on NFT projects with fungible elements attached. Considering all the unknowns, we’re still pushing to release our token but cannot promise it — hence the disclaimer and the change from multipliers to a standard allocation for all holders.

4) Charity → Treasury.

We love the idea of re-investing our success into a variety of causes as we grow. However, with our shift in focus towards more of a DAO-like structure, we see the strongest investment we can make at this stage of growth is back into the community and technology we are building. We’ve made the choice to allocate a large majority of our revenue into the treasury to further empower the launch and growth of the MetaLibrary and the BookWorm community.

We appreciate your engagement with us and hope that our decisions only further inspire you to become a founder. WAGMI.