Founder Card Trivia

To increase your spot on the whitelist, you can play our Founder Card Trivia game.
  1. What role is given to authors, writers and poets on the BookCoin discord channel?
  1. What is Mark Manson's unreleased chapter from Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck called?
  1. Which author's image is on the Founder Card in one of the BookCoin tweets?
  1. What are the perks mentioned in the Medium article for owning Metalibrary Cards? (answer each perk separately and not at the same time)
  1. What is Alan Watts's upcoming drop called?
  1. Branding a key change in our mentality, we’ve shifted from a platform mentality to a ___ one.
  1. What is the title of Mark's article on the recent Oscars incident?
  1. Co-founder?
  1. Who’s estate are we working with to release unpublished and out of print writings from?
  1. What author was behind BookCoin’s first official collection?
  1. What token did one of our advisors mint the first entire book on the blockchain with?
  1. Which tanking token did one of our advisors recently take over?
  1. What city was BookCoin birthed out of?
  1. Which Big 5 publisher helped BookCoin navigate its first launch?
  1. What was the title of the article outlining BookCoins intention to write history in the literacy industry?
  1. What is one statement on our coin?
  1. What do we call the initial minting of a book to the blockchain?
  1. No longer are readers, just readers. They are…
  1. No longer are books just books to read or listen to. They are…
  1. One team member and one advisor are part of the team behind this project launched by a very known face in the NFT space.
  1. Design degens badge.
  1. Caleb’s most prized NFT collection.
  1. One of our team members is also the cofounder of this innovative web3 network.
  1. Survive All…
  1. Most used hashtag on Twitter?