Early Mint Pass Details

As a primary perk of holding a Founder Card, you’ll receive a priority minting position for future BookCoin Collections over 1,000 pieces.


MetaLibrary Founder Card Mint Pass

The Founder Card Mint Pass means that for each BookCoin Drop over 1,000 pieces, you will be automatically whitelisted for Mint Group 1 (directly after pre-mint allocation which will not surpass 10% of any collection), along with the top 1,000 whitelist competition winners or in special cases we will raffle limited numbers of pre-mint positions to Founder Card holders.  The Founder Card Mint Pass holders will always have the largest allocation of any early minting spots.

Disclaimer: Because authors are the primary rights holders of our collections, there may be exceptions to this on a handful of collections depending on the author's decisions. However, our top priority as a project is NOW MetaLibrary Cardholders and we have every intention to make sure they are taken care of to the extent we can.